Haiti After the Quake, 2010

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Haiti's recent history has been one of economic, political and social deterioration. The capacity of its people to withstand hardship and exercise hope is tested every day, and when it seems that some progress is being made, something happens that threatens to push the limits even deeper into a pit of calamities.

The recent earthquake (January 12th 2010) which claimed over a quarter of a million lives and devastated the city of Port Au Prince and other regions, has left the country in an unprecedented situation where not only lives and infrastructures have crumbled, but the psyche of its people has been shaken to the core.

This work hopes to serve as a record of a period (not over yet) of painful and sudden change; a change we can see in the completely altered landscape of the city and of countless lives, and in the new possibilities and hope that arise from the dust after the quake.